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Simplify your practice with our EMDR lightbar and auditory bilateral stimulus. Easily conduct remote sessions with unlimited HIPAA compliant video and note taking.

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Loved by thousands of therapists and clients
Judith Black
EMDRIA Certified
"This has been a Godsend for teletherapy. I don't know what I would be able to do with my trauma clients without it."
Nancy Hodges
EMDRIA Certified
"It is easy to use and clients really seem to respond well. I like being able to see the client while they are watching the BLS movement."
Amelia Phillips
EMDRIA Certified
"I am in love with Easy EMDR and your program is amazing. I appreciate all the new updates just in the last few months."


Meet the most trusted solution for digital EMDR services.
Visual + Auditory BLS
Integrated Video
Session Analysis
HIPAA Compliance
Easy EMDR features the most advanced and personalizable visual + auditory bilateral stimulus ever designed. Customize every detail of the stimulus, including the speed, size, shape, colors, path and more for the visual element. Choose between many bilateral audio options, including bilateral music.
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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Easy EMDR is a complete solution for trauma specialists: experience a modern BLS, integrated video and analytics, and the ability to practice remotely or in person all in one affordable subscription.

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Customizable Bilateral Stimulus
We offer a flexible visual and auditory BLS that can be highly customized to meet the needs of every client.
Integrated Video
Save time and money with our HIPAA compliant video to monitor eye movements while controlling the BLS.
Secure Note-Taking
Take notes in real time during treatment sessions to accurately gauge how clients respond to the therapy.
Client Analytics
After each session, a report is generated for your records that tracks metrics such as VOC, SUDS, and more.
HIPAA Compliant
Easy EMDR is fully HIPAA Compliant and you can digitally sign a BAA with the click of a button.
Mobile Friendly
Our tools scale to work seamlessly with whatever device you prefer. Run it on desktop, phones, tablets, TVs and more.
Affordable Pricing
Pay how you want, when you want with our monthly and annual billing. 10% of all profits are donated to effective nonprofits.
Free Updates
Easy EMDR is frequently updated with new features so that your practice can stay on the cutting-edge of EMDR technology.


Discover Why Therapists Love Easy EMDR

"Easy EMDR has been great during the quarantine with virtual sessions...Thank you for creating this valuable product that helps therapists and clients adapt to these unprecedented times and stay on track with their therapy goals."

Leslie Alexander

"Easy EMDR allows me to do EMDR in a video session — something that I didn't think was possible. I haven't had to stop the type of therapy that many of my clients are used to."

Ivy Xiong

"It is easy to use and clients really seem to respond well. I like being able to see the client while they are watching the BLS movement."

Nancy Hodges

"I am in love with Easy EMDR and your program is amazing. I appreciate all the new updates just in the last few months."

Amelia Phillips

Thanks to Easy EMDR, I have been able to continue working with clients remotely during COVID-19. It's super fun to use, patients love it, and I get great results, just like in person. It has helped me go 100% telehealth, which is something I've been wanting to do for 2 years. Forever grateful for EMDR and Easy EMDR."

Dr. Lili Wagner

"I am using Easy EMDR with all of my EMDR patients. It has allowed me to continue to serve these patients and have successful outcomes just like during in-person sessions."

Leonard Krasner


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Start for free, pay how you want. 10% of all profits are donated to charity.


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Frequently asked questions

Can clients join treatment sessions on their phones?
Yes, Easy EMDR automatically scales to whatever device users happen to be using. This includes desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and more. We also provide sizing options for the visual element on smaller screens.
Can the bilteral stimulus be customized?
Absolutely! Nearly every element of the bilateral stimulus can be personalized for every client. Easy EMDR remembers each client's favorite settings and automatically loads them when starting a session.
Can I track client progress over time?
Yup! You can securely take notes and track important metrics such as SUDS, VoC, mood, and more. After every session, a report of how the client responded to treatment is generated for your records.
I have an idea for a new feature. Can your team add it?
It's very likely that we can! Our team is highly responsive to user feedback and has implemented dozens of features suggested by the community. You can send feature suggestions to
Can my practice of several therapists get a discount?
Yes, if multiple therapists from a given practice would like to use Easy EMDR, we can offer bulk discounts in this case! Reach out to for more information.
Can Easy EMDR sign a BAA with my practice?
You bet! Once you have created an account on our sign up page, we will digitally sign a BAA with your practice. All user data is stored on HIPAA compliant servers.