Easy EMDR is Now Joining The Fight Against Malaria!

Easy EMDR is donating 10% of all profits to the Against Malaria Foundation.

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BLOG POST Easy EMDR is Joining The Fight Against Malaria!

Since the beginning, our team at Easy EMDR has been highly focused on ensuring that our actions have a positive impact on not only the people who use our service, but also on the society that we all share. That’s why in addition to working hard at building the best digital tools for EMDR therapists on offer, we have also been donating 10% of all profits generated by our work to nonprofits that are doing life saving work.

What We've Done So Far

To date, we have financially contributed to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and their work to fund important mental health research, as well as Give Directly’s program to provide a Universal Basic Income to those burdened by the threats of poverty. We believe that these organizations are doing incredible work, and we urge anybody with the resources to spare — be it an individual or a company — to join us in supporting them.

What We're Doing Next

Now, we are turning our attention to one of the deadliest and most preventable problems faced by the global community today: the threat of Malaria. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Malaria kills roughly 3000 children every day, coming out to a rate of one child every thirty seconds. With this in mind, the urgency to address the issue is as dire as one could imagine.

Fortunately, even simple technologies can be sufficient to greatly reduce the threat posed to individuals by Malaria. In fact, GiveWell, a third party organization that assesses the efficacy of nonprofits, has determined the Against Malaria Foundation to be the most effective way per dollar to save a life. Their solution to address the problem? Nothing more technically complex than bednets, which can protect an individual for the cost of about two dollars per net.

We Love Effective Altruism

The Against Malaria Foundation is one of only a few organizations that meet GiveWell’s rigorous standards for effective giving, and we are proud to be supporting them. By their calculations, one life is saved per every $3,000 - $5,000 donated to the AMF, for an average of one person saved with every $3,337.06 spent. We commit to continue supporting the Against Malaria Foundation until we have donated at least this amount, so that we can be sure that Easy EMDR is having the powerful difference that we want to have. Keep an eye out for new updates to Easy EMDR that are coming soon!

Cheers and stay safe,
Zachary Jordan, Easy EMDR CEO

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