EMDR Telehealth in an Age Of Social Distancing

Adjusting to conducting therapy sessions remotely can be difficult. Easy EMDR is built from the ground up to make the transiton seamless.

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BLOG POST EMDR Telehealth in the Age of Social Distancing

We know the past days and weeks have been a source of stress and confusion for many of us. However, we believe working together will help us all stay safe in this time of rising uncertainty. We want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to living out our core values and emphasize the importance of self care as well as generosity during these difficult times. Due to the unprecedented challenges facing the healthcare community and the people they serve, we want to do everything we can to support them in their critical work. We understand it is essential to ensure that trauma patients can continue to receive the care they need despite increased social distancing. This means practitioners will need access to high quality remote treatment tools.

Providing powerful tools for remote EMDR treatment

We’re excited to announce our professional grade BLS EMDR tool can now be used remotely! Every subscription also comes with unlimited HIPAA-Compliant Integrated video calls. Practitioners are now able to provide care anywhere they have access to a computer. Our tool must be used in conjunction with an independant HIPAA compliant video streaming service such as our own integrated video, or Zoom’s healthcare specific offerings. Running an in-person practice can make it difficult to maintain a healthy level of social distancing, and remote sessions are a great way of maintaining a connection. But even more broadly, telehealth services ensure access to treatment for clients who lack the time, mobility, and resources to receive EMDR face to face.

Getting Started Is Easy

Getting started is easy — as soon as you sign into your dashboard, you will see a button prompting you to begin a remote session. Click it, and a list of instructions will appear on how to set up a session. This includes a link and a PIN number to give your client, allowing them to access our BLS tool remotely.

The Easy EMDR Team Sends Their Best Wishes

We hope that everyone is practicing self care and caring for themselves in these trying times. Remember it’s okay to not be okay, and stay tuned for further updates to our telehealth offering which are coming soon!

Cheers and stay safe,
Easy EMDR Team

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