We're Doubling our Contributions To Charity! Here's Why.

Easy EMDR is doubling our donations to charity for a total of 10% of all profits

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BLOG POST We're Doubling our Contributions to Charity! Here's Why.

Since our founding in 2016, Easy EMDR has committed itself to doing everything we can as an organization to benefit society. That’s why, in our very first post on this blog, we underscored the importance of helping others and asserted our commitment to donate a minimum of 5 percent of our profits to nonprofits that are doing life-saving work around the globe. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Easy EMDR will be DOUBLING our commitment to charity to 10 percent!

Why Are We Doing This?

We are beyond grateful for the fortunate situation that we find ourselves in, and the ongoing crisis has only reinforced this gratitude. The solidarity and support expressed by community members around the globe has been heartening to see, and Easy EMDR is committed to ensuring that we do our part to support the communities that are hardest hit by disease and a lack of medical care. Last quarter, we were proud to support the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, an organization doing amazing work to develop treatments for mental health disorders.

We're funding Universal Basic Income for those who need it most!

This quarter, we will be donating 10 percent of all profits to Give Directly’s international Universal Basic Income program. This program involves direct cash payments to individuals hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis — money that can be used for medical care, food, shelter, water, or anything else the recipient needs to survive and thrive. We believe that the catastrophic financial impact that the virus has had globally has reinforced the need for a basic income to give individuals a foundation upon which they can achieve safety and autonomy for the long term. A basic income is a fantastic way to maximize individual freedoms while also providing people with the resources that they need most during these challenging times.

Like all organizations we support, Give Directly has been thoroughly vetted by third parties such as Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, and has long since established itself as a leader in the nonprofit world. Another thing that excites us about this organization is their commitment to using their work to study the meaningful solutions that can be applied to global problems — for example, they are currently running the largest randomized trial about the efficacy of Universal Basic Income ever conducted. If you have the financial freedom to support Give Directly, we highly recommend sending them a couple of bucks to help them continue this essential work.

Companies Have a Moral Obligation to Act.

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to publicly call upon other companies to take these same steps and commit a significant portion of their profits towards bettering society. Easy EMDR is a small business, and we feel comfortable taking these steps so that we can share the love shown to us by our users. If we can do it, so can larger companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. Many of these companies have a history of avoiding taxes, exploiting their workers, and violating the privacy of their own users, and we are committed towards setting a positive example for other organizations to follow. Let’s dig deep and push for companies to display a greater level of generosity and engagement with the public that enables their very existence.

Zachary Jordan, Easy EMDR CEO

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