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In this blog post, the Easy EMDR Team explains why are determined to make EMDR tools for therapists that are more powerful and accessible for remote and in-person use.

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BLOG POST This Is Why We're Here

At Easy EMDR, we have seen the positive impact that proper mental health care can have on someone who is suffering. Unfortunately, the current systems for pursuing support are insufficient to meet the needs of all those who need help. We exist to accelerate not only the development of high quality mental health tools, but also to erode a culture that makes it difficult for people to share their problems without judgement. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to share with you the core elements of our mission and values here at Easy EMDR.

Ethical Business and Charitable Contributions

We have personally been fortunate enough to receive quality mental health care and education. This has afforded us the privilege of being young entrepreneurs who provide people with tools that facilitate healing. But we understand the hard fact that for many people, these opportunities simply do not exist. It is for this reason that we feel an intense obligation to give back to the communities around us.

We commit a minimum of five percent of all profits to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, a top rated organization that funds life-changing mental health treatments. Their efforts to pursue innovative research and tireless social activism is inspirational to us and deserves to have the resources they need to continue operating. We will always be on the lookout for new ways to pursue additional charitable endeavors that go above and beyond this commitment [2020 Update: We Have Doubled Our Donations to 10% and are currently giving to the Against Malaria Foundation].

If you have an idea for a way we could better serve the community, click here to let us know about it.

Pursuing Social Activism

Our goal is to leverage the productive ethos of entrepreneurship as a force for social good. Far too many people carry with them the weight of shame and rejection as a result of problems that they cannot control. The only way to truly address this issue is to start a conversation about where we want to be. And where we want to be is in a place of understanding, where nobody faces hardship because of who they are or how they think.

We want to emphasize that it is okay to struggle, and that everyone is deserving of love and support. We plan to promote a diverse range of voices within the mental health community. The research is in, and it is past time that we recognize that mental health issues are medical health issues. The stigmatization and suppression that suffering people face today is unacceptable, and we will provide a platform to elevate their stories.

If you feel that you have a story you would like to share with the community, click here to send it to us and it may be promoted on this blog.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

At Easy EMDR, we work tirelessly to ensure that we provide options for the way every individual needs to practice the therapy. Traditionally, EMDR is conducted using a visual stimulus, but we understand that this is not the best solution for everybody. That’s why we actively pursue supporting advanced alternative stimulus options as well as easy ways to customize the therapy to accommodate those with physical disabilities.

We stand firm in our commitment to continue updating our tool to ensure that none are barred from using it due to things beyond their control. Stay tuned to this blog to receive the latest on the improvements and fixes we’re working on.

If you have an idea for features that would improve the inclusivity of our services, click here to reach out to us.

Cheers and stay safe,
Easy EMDR Team

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