Delivering Effective Teletherapy With Easy EMDR's New Features

Our team has added some of the most requested features — view a summary of what's new, plus a sneak peak at what is coming next!

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BLOG POST Delivering Effective Teletherapy with Easy EMDR's New Features

Easy EMDR's New Dashboard

Over the past several months, the Easy EMDR team has been hard at work implementing the features that both therapists and their clients have requested. As a result, the Easy EMDR platform is more powerful and accessible than ever before.

In this post, we’ll be taking a quick look at some of our favorite new features and how they fit into your therapy practice, and giving a sneak peak about what’s to come! Before we get started, we want to credit Ayça Arbay, a new member on the Easy EMDR programming team, for her valuable contributions to these new features, platform improvements, and upgrades to our project design.

Upgraded Client Management

The new dashboard allows therapists to add clients, manage their treatment histories, and start sessions all from one convenient place. Easily take case notes that cover the history of each client, and view a detailed report of every session that you have ever had with them. With Easy EMDR, it becomes simple for growing practices to manage all of their clients to deliver the best treatment possible.

Instant Session Invites

Therapists are now able to instantly invite clients to sessions, with the click of a button. Simply navigate to the dashboard and click the “email” button to send your clients a message or give them an invitation link to join a remote session. With this, adding clients and inviting them to receive treatment couldn’t be easier. Session links are persistent, meaning that your client can save their link to conveniently use at a later time.

Find a Therapist with Easy EMDR

Now, clients can find qualified therapists directly on our website! This also gives therapists a simple way to find new clients. If you are a registered therapist and want to find more clients online, simply join the therapist database for free by clicking here. With this addition, EMDR therapy is more accessible and reliable than ever before.

Coming soon: Remote therapy on the Easy EMDR App!

Since the iOS and Android Easy EMDR apps launched last year, we’ve hit some incredible milestones. Easy EMDR was a top 25 medical app on the app store, and it enables therapists to deliver top quality treatment on mobile devices. Soon, we’re making it even better by implementing our most highly requested feature: the Easy EMDR app will be able to do remote sessions in addition to in-person treatment! Therapists will be able to invite and join remote sessions to deliver treatment with unlimited HIPAA compliant video calls. With this update, all of the features that therapists love about Easy EMDR are coming to mobile devices! With remote sessions coming soon, Easy EMDR will solidify itself as the leading EMDR solution to offer both web and app-based therapy solutions.

And One Final Note: Giving Back!

Easy EMDR believes in fighting the sources of trauma in all forms, and as a result giving back is at the core of our mission. Last year, we became the 2nd company in the United States to pledge to donate 10% of all profits to effective charities. This quarter, we will be supporting Give Directly’s Universal Basic Income program targeted at helping people in conditions of extreme poverty. We have funded this program in the past and believe that it is a fantastic way to give back while preserving the recipient's ability to retain autonomy and make decisions for themselves. If there is a charity that you would like to see Easy EMDR support, please let us know here.

More improvements are coming soon!

Easy EMDR Team

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