All-in-one solutions in a single app Simplified EMDR For Your Mobile Devices

The most customizable EMDR app ever designed is here! Easy EMDR is a complete solution for anyone looking to practice EMDR.

Features of the App

Easy EMDR makes every task below simple and easy to perform.

Customizable Visual BLS

Customize every aspect of the BLS to meet the needs of every client.

Bilateral Audio Library

Experience a massive library of professional bilateral sounds for sessions.

Control Everything

Change the speed, size, shape, colors, sounds, and more. Powerful but simple!

Eliminate Distractions

Easy EMDR you to enter a clean full-screen mode to eliminate any and all distractions.

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A Revolution in Mobile EMDR Treatment

Easy EMDR provides you and your practice with everything you need to meet the needs of every client.

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Experience a modern, flexible EMDR tool.

Easy EMDR is powerful, easy to use, and provides modern solutions to allow therapists to deliver top-quality treatment to their clients.

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Inclusive and effective

Packed with accessibility features such as color-blind themes and BLS shapes for kids, Easy EMDR will help you meet the needs of every client.

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Flexible and informative

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Easy EMDR is available for phones and tablets on both the iOS and Android app stores. Download it to supercharge your practice today!